Kidd Video Flipside

Twilight Double Header


An elephant monster chases Glitter though a forest, and a cute little gooey Belly Jelly helps her escape. Kidd and the gang want to thank the Belly Jelly for rescuing their friend, so they decide to give a concert for them in their homeland of Equinox. Carla suggests that Kidd write a song for the Belly Jelly. Ash overhears and volunteers his song-writing services. He starts making up lyrics. Needless to say, Kidd and Carla are appalled at his song. Ash spends a week singing and making the perfect song, while the others have some fun.

Eventually, the gang notices that the days get longer and hotter. The Belly Jellies are in danger of melting. As it turns out, Ash's singing has kept Uno the Cyclops awake...his sleep habits control Equinox's days and nights. The only way to get Uno back to sleep is to find Sylvia the siren. Ash feels bad when he finds out he put the Belly Jellies in danger, so he leaves to find Sylvia by himself.

Kidd and Carla set out in search of the siren, while Whiz and Glitter stay behind to try and make a machine that will put Uno back to sleep. Finally, the Master Blaster enters the picture and he sends the Copy Cats to stop Kidd Video from finding Sylvia. They fail miserably. Kidd and Carla find Sylvia (she flirts with Kidd big-time!). Miraculously, Ash finds his way there too and they all go back to Equinox. Sylvia puts Uno to sleep...and Ash too! The group gives their concert, and Ash sleeps through the whole thing.

(Why is that called Twilight Double Header?)

Music video clip: "Daydream Believer" (The Monkees); or a clip by New Edition
Additional Top 40 music: "Shout" (Tears for Fears)
Ending video: "Where Did Our Love Go?"