Kidd Video Flipside

Race to Popland

EPISODE 21 | Watch on YouTube

Ash helps Whiz harvest giant peanuts for Whiz's peanut butter machine while Carla gives Kidd a haircut. He complains she cuts too much. She tells him, "You're just like a...a...a kid!" A giant peanut falls and lands on Ash, while Whiz sings the praises of the giant peanut.

Ash: "Wish you'd stop thinking of your stomach and start worrying about my back!"

They stash the peanut in the Kiddmobile and take off. The TV turns on and a newscaster announces a rock and roll contest in Popland. They decide to enter. MB finds out about the contest too. He wants the Copy Cats to make sure the group gets to Popland so he can use his Sound Collector to steal their music. If he has all the music, he won't need the Copy Cats to work for him anymore.

The Cats realize they will be out of a job, so they trick Kidd Video into going to Witch Mountain. When they arrive, the kids are kidnapped by a group of witches. The witches take them to Morgana, the Wicked Witch of the Northeast. Ash and Whiz try to weasel their way out of Morgana's clutches, but Kidd ruins it by saying, "You have no right to hold us!" This makes Morgana mad. She invites the gang to a barbecue where they will be the main course.

Master Blaster finds out what the cats did and sends them to rescue Kidd Video. Somehow, the kids help put Morgana's daughter, Morgana Jr., to sleep. She lets them go. They race to Popland for the contest. When they get there, Whiz sets up his peanut butter machine. Master Blaster accidently hooks up his Sound Collector to the wrong machine and the fortress fills with peanut butter. Kidd Video goes on to win the contest.

Music video clip: unknown
Additional Top 40 music: "Angel" (Madonna)
Ending video: "Time"