Kidd Video Flipside

Double Trouble


The band finds a message in a bottle -- a man named Laster is trapped in the tunnels of South Plumbington. When they go to free him, they find out that they have freed a Master Blaster look-alike. Laster and Master Blaster are twin brothers. Master Blaster has imprisoned Laster so that he could take his place as treasurer of South Plumbington (and get the town treasure!). Master Blaster just needs to find the key to the vault.

After having some fun fooling the Copy Cats, the kids help Laster find the key and get his rightful place back as treasurer. Master and Laster's mother shows up to determine who is who, and picks Master Blaster as her favorite rotten son. Master Blaster still steals the treasure, only to find out that he has gotten... shower heads!

"Oh great... now I have to get my hair wet!" -Kidd before he jumps into a whirlpool to save the others
"As ex-Treasurer of South Plumbington, I officially declare this show closed! ...does anyone have an aspirin?" -Master Blaster's closing words

Music video clip: Mike and the Mechanics, "Taken In"
Additional Top 40 music: Stevie Wonder, "Master Blaster (Jammin')"
Ending video: "We Should Be Together"