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The band travels to Glitter's home town of Lotus Land, a seaside city of mermaids and fairies. They meet up with Glitter's nephew, Glint, who is always getting into mischief. Glint starts messing with everything inside the Kiddmobile, causing Ash to accidentally fall into the ocean. On the sea floor Ash runs into Barnacolis, the gigantic Sea King, before Glitter rescues him. Glitter explains that Barnacolis is okay, so long as he isn't disturbed...

Meanwhile, the Master Blaster has been following the band's journey to find the location of Lotus Land. He hides the Fortress under the ocean, and sends the Copy Cats to steal the mermaids' magic musical instruments for his collection. The Copy Cats disguise themselves as mermaids and take them. When they find out their insruments are gone, all the mermaids start to cry. Barnacolis, disturbed by the Fortress and by the mermaids' crying, comes up from the bottom of the sea.

Kidd, Whiz, and Glitter set out to get the mermaids' instruments back. Ash tries to cheer up the mermaids by playing them songs on the Groove Machine. Carla and Glint go to the Kiddmobile to get the band's equipment... but Glint causes trouble again, accidentally trapping Carla! The Copy Cats steal the Kiddmobile with Carla and Glint inside. They take them to the Master Blaster and lock them in his dungeon.

Barnacolis gives Kidd and Whiz his ring to use as a submarine. He gives them until sunset to stop all the noise, or else he'll destroy the city and everyone in it! Ash stays behind as hostage, because he's the only one who can calm the mermaids with his singing.

Glint busts Carla out of the Master Blaster's dungeon, and they set out to find the mermaids' instruments. On the way they run across the Fortress's master control room and cause some trouble for the Master Blaster. Kidd and Whiz arrive at the fortress, and they all recover the instruments and the Kiddmobile. Barnacolis is about to destroy the city when the band appears just in time. They give the mermaids' instruments back, and Barnacolis returns to the bottom of the sea for some peace and quiet.

Music video clip: "Hungry Like the Wolf" (Duran Duran)
Additional Top 40 music: "The Safety Dance" (Men Without Hats); "Footloose" (Kenny Loggins); "Wrapped Around Your Finger" (The Police)
Ending video: "Easy Love"