Kidd Video Flipside

Who's in the Kitchen with Dinah?


Whiz attempts to make the perfect pizza. The others berate him... Kidd is mad because Whiz hooked up the pizza maker to the Kiddmobile's electrical system -- now the batteries are dead. Carla is mad because Whiz used all the food in the pantry for his pizza. Ash is mad because he doesn't get to eat. They kick Whiz out of the Kiddmobile.

Meanwhile, MB sees the girl of his dreams... a lady who is an actual hippo! He sends the Copycats to get a love potion from Dinah, the potion maker and part-time pizza maker -- the one person who really hates MB's guts! They look for her at the Twin Cities Shopping Mall.

Kidd Video is also there, repairing the Kiddmobile. They kick Whiz out and send him off with Glitter and Toolbot to find some pizza. Master Blaster thinks the group is there to take his love potion. Glitter meets a friend of hers at the mall and they talk in that typical teen mall way. Whiz gets annoyed, and takes Toolbot to look for Dinah. When they get to her shop, they gets trapped in Dinah's pizza making machine.

Meanwhile, the cats break into Dinah's shop, while she sleeps. They make some noise, wake her and she chases them into the potion room. They lock her out and start looking for the love potion. Glitter catches up to Whiz, sees the trouble he's in and leaves to get Kidd. The gang returns and frees Whiz from the kitchen. The cats find the right potion and MB goes to the mall to get it.

As the cats try to make their escape they accidentally spill the potion on Dinah. She falls madly in love with Master Blaster and he tries to get away by falling into Dinah's pizza delivery machine. Dinah throws the cats in after him to save him. They get boxed and delivered to MB's hippo lady. She rejects MB because she can't love a man with cats.

Whiz's Ode to Pizza:
"Pizza, pizza, thou art fair.
Thy fragrant odor fills the air.
Of all the wonders from above,
Pizza 'tis thou that most I... IT'S BURNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Interesting Note: In trying to get to the mall, Whiz, Glitter and Toolbot almost fall to their death. Umm, Glitter dear, what's the use of having wings if you're not going to use them?

Music video clip: "Take On Me" (A-Ha)
Additional Top 40 music: "Dancing In the Streets"; "Be Near Me" (ABC)
Ending KV Video: "A Little TLC"