Kidd Video Flipside

Old Time Rocks That Roll

EPISODE 18 | Watch on YouTube

The Copy Cats give Master Blaster a stereo for his birthday -- He keeps singing "I Love Rock and Roll." While he uses it, the cats look for their present (why they get a present on his birthday, I have no idea). They find a troll held prisoner in a cage, and let it escape. MB orders the cats to bring it back.

Meanwhile, Kidd and the gang are spring cleaning. Whiz uses too much soap while doing the laundry and soapsuds take over the Kiddmobile. The controls get flooded... they land so everything can dry out. They find themselves in Melody Valley, where the locals look like fruits and vegetables and they farm musical instruments. Their musical crop keeps disappearing underground.

While Whiz and Ash clean out the Kiddmobile, Kidd and Carla decide to find out what's happening to the instruments. They put their own instruments into the ground, and Glitter stands guard. The troll arrives and ends up stealing the instruments and Glitter before she can warn them. Kidd and Carla go into the underworld to rescue her and the instruments.

Eventually, the cats and MB go below to nab the troll. Kidd and Carla rescue Glitter, then try to stop the Troll from wreaking havoc on Melody Valley. However, the troll's army of large eyes, noses, lips and ears trap them, MB and the cats. They decide to work together to escape, since Kidd is the only one who knows the way out. They board MB's hover chair, but crash into a wall.

Just when they think the end is near, Whiz and Ash arrive amidst a river of soap suds. The band, army, cats and MB are washed outside. The troll still advances. Kidd has the cats sing... the troll can't stand it!

Kool Kitty: "Singing like this isn't easy you know!"
Ash: "Yeah, listening to it isn't either!"

The troll strikes a deal to make them stop...Everyone goes to the fortress and jams on MB's stereo. Now MB hates rock and roll.

Music video clip: "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone" (Glass Tiger); "Out of Touch" (Hall & Oates)
Additional Top 40 music: "I Love Rock and Roll" (Joan Jett); "Solid" (Ashford & Simpson); "Beat It" (Michael Jackson)
Ending video: "You Better Run"