Kidd Video Flipside

The Stone


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Ash is acting strange because he is very homesick. Making a rest stop on their travels, the gang gets out of the Kiddmobile to take some pictures. Out of nowhere, a huge bird flies out of the sky, grabs Ash and carries him away. Glitter tells them that the bird belongs to Mirada, a wise man in the Flipside.

Setting out to find Mirada, the kids have to pass through the dangerous Forest of No Return, and end up dangling perilously from a cliff! Mirada's bird returns to save them, and carries them to Mirada. They discover that Mirada sent Ash home, through a special stone; the Stone has the power to send them home too!

Meanwhile, the Master Blaster has sent the Copy Cats to follow Kidd Video to the Stone. The Copy Cats try to use the Stone for MB, but end up making it go haywire. Ash reappears, having wished himself back to the Flipside to help them. The Stone shoots its energy ray at MB's fortress... but loses so much of its power in the process... it can't help the kids get home. Yay! Another season!

Ending video: "Easy Love"