Kidd Video Flipside

To Beat The Band


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Kidd Video begins their adventures in the Flipside. As the Kiddmobile takes them through the countryside, Kidd, Carla, and Ash remark on how fantastic the Flipside is. Whiz thinks the place is neat, but would rather go home.

As they go down the track, Leon, the mayor of Neon City, runs toward them, causing the Kiddmobile to run off the road. Leon steps inside, talking so fast that the kids can't understand him. He leaves in a hurry. Glitter sneezes and uses her super-strength to put the Kiddmobile back on track.

Whiz notices that the crash turned on the Kiddmobile's taping system. He slows down the video to find out what Leon was saying. As it ends up, Master Blaster speeded up everything in Neon City, making everything older... all because the residents can't stand the Copy Cats and won't to go their concert. If the gang doesn't help, the people of Neon City will all get old and burn out. Whiz is worried that if they go, they will speed up too. Kidd decides they don't have anything to worry about, because they're not from the Flipside.

They go to the Neon City Library to learn what they can about the town. Carla pulls out a book called, "The Beat of the City." It tells them to go to Electric Avenue. When they get there, they find a clock that controls the speed of the city. Master Blaster has it hooked to a box that makes the hands of time spin super-fast.

Whiz and Glitter stay behind to slow the clock down. The others travel to the fortress to disconnect it, but are eventually captured by the Copy Cats. Meanwhile, Whiz speeds up and gets older (complete with facial hair!). The rest of the gang learns of MB's plan to slow down the residents at the Copy Cats concert... so much that they won't be able to move and will become a permanent audience. Kidd and Co. trick the Copy Cats to sing... and shatter their crystal jail bars. Whiz manages to go so fast, he gets to the fortress and stops MB before he can slow down the people of Neon City. Everyone is happy... welcome to the Flipside!

This first episode explains Glitter's super strength and Master Blaster's plan to kidnap musicians for the Copy Cats to plug into. The episode also makes it sound like the kids are sticking around the Flipside to explore and have fun.... Other episodes imply that they are trapped and are trying to find a way home.

Interesting note: They actually mention a Top 40 artist by name in the episode -- Carla says the Master Blaster has trapped Lionel Richie.

Music video clip: "All Night Long" (Lionel Richie)
Additional Top 40 music: "Running With the Night" (Lionel Richie); "Electric Avenue" (Eddy Grant)
Ending video: "A Little TLC"