Kidd Video Flipside

The Pink Sphinx


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Whiz is very homesick. After the Kiddmobile falls off the road, Whiz gets separated from everyone and saves the life of Celesta, the leader of Beatburg. In return, she offers him the wish of the Pink Sphinx, who comes to life only once a year to grant one wish. Whiz has no trouble deciding what his wish will be.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang takes off for a final Flipside fling (roller disco!), only to end up in danger, thanks to Master Blaster and the Copy Cats. Kidd, Carla and Ash are stranded on a snowy mountain cliff, with no possible escape...

Will Whiz use the wish to return home or to save his friends? After solving the Sphinx's riddle, Whiz wishes for everyone to be safe at home. But since the Sphinx can only grant one wish, he grants the first one... for everyone to be safe. (Mark's Note: Whiz could've simply wished for them to be home. If they were home, they'd be safe! But that would be the end of the series.)

The kids discover that Celesta has been using the wish of the Pink Sphinx to keep Beatburg warm and green -- without it, Beatburg is covered in snow! Celesta says it'll be okay to live with the snow for a year, and Whiz decides that sticking with his friends is more important than getting home.

Music video clip: "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (Yes)
Additional Top 40 music: "Somebody's Watching Me" (Rockwell); "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" (Michael Jackson)
Ending video: "Turn Me Up"