Kidd Video Flipside

Master Blaster Brat

EPISODE 22 | Watch on YouTube

The Copy Cats bake a cake in honor of Master Blaster's birthday. They add an ingredient called Donottouch. When the cake is ready, they present it to MB. He and Tin Snake take a bite of the cake and are transformed into toddlers. Li'l Master Blaster shoves cake into the Cats' mouths and they turn into little Copy Kittens!

Meanwhile, Kidd Video is in town for a bazaar and parade. In their seemingly neverending quest to find good food to eat in the Flipside...Kidd, Carla, and Whiz go to a local diner. They are served blue food, which they turn down. They leave the diner hungry as Master Blaster and the Copy Kittens arrive. They fly around in their souped-up high chairs, feeding cake to the townspeople. "Cake for everybodyyyyyyy!" The cake eaters all turn into babies. Whiz and Carla get a mouthful of the cake and also transform. Kid Whiz cries. Kid Carla looks at him, crosses her arms, rolls her eyes and says "Give me a break!" (too cute!).

By now, the town is full of kids. Glitter tells Kidd and Ash that Xenia the sorceress has a magic aging ray...she lives in a tower on the southern side of the Flipside. Ash and Kidd leave to find the aging ray, and leave Kid Whiz and Kid Carla in the hands of Auntie Glitter. After Ash and Kidd leave, Glitter notices that gravity and sound are going, because Grenda the Groan (I think that's her name) and A Guy Named Sy are now children...they control the Flipside's gravity and sound respectively. Glitter tries to keep everything together, but is having some trouble! Whiz finds a bunny, and it barks at him. Babysitting becomes too much for Auntie Glitter and she freaks out.

Meanwhile, Kidd and Ash arrive at Xenia's tower. Ash is really nervous about being there, and makes up some lyrics, "You are my lucky star." Kidd says, "Can the singing. Okay, Ash?" Scared, Ash falls into a huge pool of water. Mr. Video takes off his shirt, dives into the water and saves Ash. Xenia shows up with her magic aging ray, and has her Griffins (named Merv and Andy...get it?) to take the prisoners away. Kidd and Ash manage to escape the griffins, grab the magic ray, and the chase is on. As they try to get away, Ash sings to let off some nervous energy, "Tower gates are slammin', Time for Ash to start jammin'. Instead of shakin' and quakin', I'm gonna rock and roll!" He assembles some makeshift drum kit and starts drumming away. Xenia isn't sure what to make of this and Kidd explains that Ash does this to let off steam. Xenia exclaims that she loves rock and roll, and Kidd asks her to dance. Xenia quick changes into a poodle skirt and looks like a gawky teeny bopper. She and Kidd dance... and Kidd accidently spins her into Ash's drum kit. Ash and Kidd make their escape, as Xenia calls after them, "Kidd! You haven't seen me tango yet!"

Kidd and Ash return to town. As the Copy Kittens play with a ball of yarn that Glitter is all wrapped up in, Kidd uses the ray and returns everything to normal. Master Blaster is stuck in his high chair. Now Glitter knows that babysitting is a tough way to go.

Music video clip: "Jumpin’ Jack Flash" (Aretha Franklin)
Additional Top 40 music: "Sussudio" (Phil Collins)