Kidd Video Flipside

Music Sports


Control of the Flipside music is up for grabs in the annual Musical Sports meet. The Master Blaster enters the Copy Cats and gives them an unfair advantage to win (remote-controlled power shoes.) The kids discover what they're up against, but they know that playing fair is the only way to win.

While checking out how the Copy Cats have rigged the scoreboard, the band becomes trapped inside the scoreboard room! One of Glitter's sneezes saves them in time for the last event. With parts from the scoreboard, Whiz invents a machine that stops the Copy Cats.

Kidd Video wins the meet in the final event, and they ask that the Flipside music remain as it has for another year -- free to everyone.

Did you notice? In this episode, if you watch the music sports events carefully, you can see people from other parts of the Flipside, both competing and in the audience. Watch for the Stereo People (Woofers and Tweeters), the mermaids from Lotus Land (Barnacolis), and Celesta from Beatburg (Pink Sphinx).

Music video clip: unknown
Additional Top 40 music: "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (Yes); "Breakdance" (Irene Cara)
Ending video: "Come Back To Me"