Kidd Video Flipside

Pirates and Puzzles


The Copy Cats try to put a poisonous plant into the Kiddmobile, but they lose it (of course). It is found by Carla who has left the guys in a huff after they tease her about her cooking. In the Kiddmobile, the plant grows, and turns Carla into a flower, and then turns Ash into a cactus.

Without the Kiddmobile, Kidd Video and Whiz have to go get a cure within 24 hours, or the two will be stuck as plants forever. To this end, they borrow a Pirate Parrot's ship to go to Wakko Island for the cure. Of course they get back in time, despite the Copy Cats best efforts to sidetrack them.

Music video clip: Pretenders, "Don’t Get Me Wrong"
Additional Top 40 music: DeBarge, "Rhythm of the Night"