Kidd Video Flipside

Kidd Video Episode Guide

Kidd Video made its debut September 15, 1984, on NBC. It ran in the 11am time slot in 1984-5, and at 11:30am in 1985-6 (click here to see Saturday morning cartoon schedules for every season of the 1980s.) The show had two seasons and a total of 26 episodes before it ended. CBS picked up the reruns later. It was also shown as part of the "Wolf Rock Power Hour." In 1992, WGN ran Kidd Video for a couple of months (with no video clips and stock songs replacing the interludes.) The following guide is based on the original NBC run.

Season One

Glitter’s super strength.  Kidd’s cool attitude and leadership skills.  Carla’s ability to put Kidd in his place.  Whiz’s intellect and homesickness.  And Ash’s poor songwriting skills.  Crazy scenery galore.  One of the artists for the show claims they were all on drugs.  Shocker!

  1. To Beat The Band - On the way to Neon City, the gang finds out that residents are speeding up and in danger of burning out, thanks to the Master Blaster.  Can the gang foil his plans?
  2. The Master Zapper - The President of the Kidd Video fan club (and Whiz’s love interest) invites the band to Uptown to play for a town dedication.  While there, the Master Blaster plans to capture the kids with the Master Zapper, a device that turns people into the exact opposite of what they are. 
  3. Woofers and Tweeters - While traveling, the Kiddmobile gets stuck in the overgrowth of Lock Stock Forest.  After trying to grab a Woofer and Tweeter to free their vehicle, the kids are imprisoned by the Stereo People, inhabitants of Lock Stock forest who think the gang works for the Master Blaster.
  4. Barnacolis - During Kidd Video’s visit to Lotus Land, the Copy Cats steal the mermaids’ magical instruments for Master Blaster, kidnapping Carla and Glitter’s nephew, Glint, in the process.  The mermaids wail when they realize their instruments are gone, causing Barnacolis to wake and rise from the ocean floor.  He threatens to destroy the city unless quiet is restored.
  5. The Pink Sphinx - Homesick Whiz manages to save the life of Celesta, a leader in the city of Beatburg.  In return, she offers him the Pink Sphinx, who comes to life once a year to grant one wish.  The others take off for a final Flipside fling (roller disco!) and get kidnapped by The Copy Cats.
  6. Cienega - Whiz eats the fruit of the deadly Laughing Bush and contracts a contagious and fatal laughing disease.  Now the whole gang has to go on a mission to Dismal Swamp to find the Ding-A-Ling tree, the only known cure.  They meet Cienega, the swamp monster, who offers her help.  Can the Kidds get past her ugliness, or will judgment cause them to laugh to death?
  7. The Lost Note - Kidd Video ends up in a city where everything, including the people, has turned to stone. After Ash pulls a gold note from of a rock (ala King Arthur) the city becomes alive and colorful…and Ash becomes their new king.  The idea of being king inflates Ash’s ego, especially when he realizes his royal subjects like his bad lyrics.
  8. Music Sports - Control of the Flipside music is up for grabs in the annual Musical Sports meet.  The Master Blaster enters the Copy Cats and helps them cheat to win their events.  The kids discover what they’re up against, but know that cheaters never prosper…
  9. Chameleons - The Kiddmobile ends up stuck in the middle of the desert, thanks to the Master Blaster.  While the guys work to get their vehicle out of the sand, Carla and Glitter take off for some fun at a hot new dance club.  Will her desire to slack off get the rest of her friends in trouble?
  10. Euphonius the Melodious Dragon - Behold Sparkle City, where the land, people, and even the food are made of jewels.  Kidd & Co. get there to find a party is in the works, as Euphonius has just laid an egg.  After the Copy Cats steal the egg for Master Blaster’s breakfast, Euphonius becomes upset and roars.  Sparkle City starts to shatter.  Only Ash can save the day with his bad songs and the Groove Machine.
  11. Professor Maestro - Master Blaster figures out that Ash’s Groove Machine is the reason he is always foiled by Kidd Video.  He sends The Copy Cats to steal it.  Meanwhile, the gang tries to enlist the help of Professor Maestro, the crazy genius that can help them get back home.
  12. Grooveyard City - Poor Glitter has a cold.  Thanks to one of her super sneezes, the Kiddmobile loses control and crashes down the road from Grooveyard City.  When they get out and survey the damage, Master Blaster yanks the vehicle up with a giant magnet and puts it in the center of the haunted town.
  13. The Stone - It's Ash's turn to be homesick.  Out of nowhere, a huge bird flies out of the sky, grabs Ash and takes him away.  Glitter tells the others that the bird belongs to Mirada, a wise man of the Flipside.  They discover that Mirada has sent Ash home through a special stone; the Stone can send the rest of them home too! 

Season 2

A new look for a new season.  The drawings resemble their real-life counter parts more closely.  Also, we meet a few members of the Master Blaster’s family and visit new places.   Kidd somehow learns a martial art, can't decide whether he likes or hates vanilla and worries more about his hair.  Carla loses some of her ethnicity... she never utters a ‘chevere’ again.  Whiz makes Toolbot and never complains about being homesick.  Ash is still a schmoe, but we still like him!

  1. The Dream Machine - The people of West End refuse to pay their music tax to the Master Blaster, who finds out that Whiz has invented a Dream Machine that makes your dreams come true. The Copy Cats steal it and turn it into a Nightmare Machine in order punish the town and get rid of Kidd Video once and for all.
  2. Double Trouble - Message in a bottle.  A man named Laster is trapped in the tunnels of South Plumbington.  When Kidd and Co. go to free him, they find out that Laster is Master Blaster’s twin brother.  Master Blaster locked his brother up so that he could take his place as treasurer of South Plumbington and get the town treasure.
  3. No Place Like Home - The Kidds come across slides and a map to Homeward, a town that looks just like the real world.  Thinking that they’ll be more at home there, they risk a journey through the Cobalt Mountains…but the Kidds discover Homeward isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.
  4. Having a Ball - The band is given the honor of transporting the Lyric Box to its new home in the Musicalia Vault.  Being that it’s a container of all the lyrics yet to be written, Master Blaster can’t wait to get his hands on it.  Before he can get to it, his cousin, Odious Max grabs the box, along with Ash.
  5. Old Time Rocks That Roll - A troll escapes from Master Blaster’s fortress.  Conveniently, the Kidds make a soap-sudsy stop in Melody Valley where the troll goes to steal the locals’ musical instrument crop.
  6. Starmaker - Mad that everyone in the group has fans except for him, Whiz takes off with Toolbot and invents a device that turns ordinary objects into fans.  As he gives his new fans a concert, Whiz is oblivious to the arrival of the Copy Cats, who are in danger of losing their jobs.   They steal the Star Maker, along with Toolbot, to get back into Master Blaster’s good graces.
  7. Narra Takes a Powder - Freezer Valley is in danger from Zorac (a hairdryer monster) when Glitter’s cousin, Narra, can’t whistle to make the evening snow.  With the intention of ruining Kidd Video’s music, the Copy Cats have dumped a song scrambling powder on her and Whiz instead.
  8. Race to Popland - Kidd and the gang are on their way to Popland for a rock and roll contest.  Master Blaster tells the Copy Cats to make sure the gang reaches their destination so he can steal their music.  Afraid they’ll be out of a job, the cats trick the Kidds into going to Witch Mountain instead.
  9. Master Blaster Brat - The Copy Cats bake a cake in honor of Master Blaster’s birthday, adding an ingredient called Donottouch.  Now, all who eat the cake turn into toddlers.  Still evil, the Master Blaster Brat and his Copy Kittens take the cake to a bizarre bazaar, where Carla, Whiz and the rest of the town eat it and turn into babies.
  10. Twilight Double Header - Ash’s singing keeps Uno the Cyclops awake, screwing up the day and night for the town of Equinox.  As the day grows longer and hotter, the Belly Jellies who live there are in danger of melting.  The only way to get Uno back to sleep is to find Sylvia the Siren.
  11. A Friend in Need - Whiz builds a device that can help the band get back home.  Before they leave, each group member goes off on their own for one last moment in the Flipside.  Carla gets lost and is attacked by witches, but is saved by a lederhosen-clad fairy.  He has hurt his wing in the process.  Carla risks her chance of going home to help her hurt, new friend get to his home.
  12. Pirates and Puzzles - The Copy Cats put a poisonous plant in the path of Carla, who has left the guys in a huff after they tease her about her cooking. She takes the ‘beautiful’ plant to the Kiddmobile, where it eventually turns Carla into a flower, and then Ash into a cactus.  Without the Kiddmobile, Kidd Video and Whiz need transportation to go get a cure within 24 hours. They borrow a pirate parrot's ship to get to Wacko Island.
  13. Who's in the Kitchen with Dinah? - Glitter takes Whiz to the Twin Cities Shopping Mall so Whiz can get some pizza.  Meanwhile, Master Blaster sends the Copy Cats to the same place to get a love potion from his nemesis Dinah, the potion maker and part-time pizza maker.