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About Kidds for Kids in Africa - the story of the Kidd Video/Unicef project to benefit the children of Africa.

Kidd Video Press 1984-1987

Here are some features about Kidd Video that appeared in magazines, newspapers and TV newswhile it was on the air.

2 on the Town segment
1984 news program (unknown date)

Here Comes... Kidd Video!
BOP Magazine, April 1985, p. 35
Thank you to Michelle for sharing this article.

16 Chats With Kidd Video's Steve Alterman
16 Magazine, April 1985, p. 80

Kidd Video to have new look for '85 fall season
Mini Page newspaper insert, August 3 1985

At Home With Kidd Video! Part I
16 Magazine, October 1985, p. 50-51

Kidd Video At Home - Part II!
16 Magazine, November 1985, p. 28-29

Kidds for Kids in Africa!
16 Magazine, November 1985, p. 30-31

16 Talks to Kidd Video's Robbie Rist
16 Magazine, December 1985, p. 36-37

Kidd Video - Youth Ambassadors for UNICEF Day '85
16 Magazine, December 1985, p. 37

16 Chats with Kidd Video's Steve Alterman
16 Magazine, January 1986, p. 28-29

Steve Alterman is in Big Trouble!
16 Magazine, January 1986, p. 29

Bryan Scott is Kidd Video's Saturday Morning Heartthrob
Tiger Beat STAR Magazine, April 1986, p. 18
Thank you to Sandra for sharing this article.

It's All In the "Rist"!
Teen Machine Magazine, November 1986, p. 73

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Kidd Video Cast Today

Television appearances by Kidd Video's cast members will be noted here.

Robbie Rist on Where Are They Now? Kid Stars