Kidd Video Flipside

The following is an article from the August 3, 1985 "Mini Page," a newspaper insert for kids. Sorry, this is the best we can do with the pictures.

The real-life stars of "Kidd Video."

The cartoon stars of "Kidd Video" will have a new look this season.

"Kidd Video" to have new look for '85 fall season

The three most popular shows on Saturday morning last TV season were "Alvin and the Chipmunks," "Smurfs" and a new show, "Kidd Video."

To find out more about the show, the Mini Page talked with Haim Saban, the creator and producer.

We asked him how he came up with the idea.

He told us that NBC wanted a music show for kids because videos are so popular.

"We are showing kids what they want to see, music attached to pictures. Kids as young as 3 years old are singing and dancing to Michael Jackson," he told us.

Each show has videos by such stars as Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie. Each show also has music written especially for "Kidd Video."

The show is an adventure about a rock group. The group's members are Steve Alterman (Ash), Robbie Rist (Whiz), Gabriele Bennett (Carla) and Bryan Scott (Kidd).

In the show, they are able to turn into cartoon characters and go to the "Flip Side."

In the Flip Side, they battle the bad guys, Master Blaster and his band, the Copy Cats. The bad guys kidnap rock stars and steal their music.