Kidd Video Flipside

The following is an article from the October 1985 issue of 16 magazine. (Steve Alterman told us that these pictures were actually taken at Haim Saban's house.)

At Home With Kidd Video! Part I

Join Your Favorite Saturday Morning Friends On A Tour Of Bryan Scott's Home!

Well, here you are in sunny California's San Fernando Valley, right on Bryan Scott's doorstep! Bryan as you know, is Kidd Video's super cool "Kid," and today he's invited his band friends to spend a day at home with him- and you, of course!

It looks like the rest of the gang is a little late in arriving, but that's okay; Bryan will keep you entertained with his trusty stereo. Don't be surprised if he chooses a jazz or R&B album, 'cause they're his favorite kinds of music!

Wow! Everybody's here and hard at work already-- now, that's dedication! Bryan, Steve Alterman and Gabrielle Bennett-Rozzi all listen intently as Robbie Rist sings one of the songs that will soon be released on the Kidd Video LP, which all four agree, is "coming along great!"

What could Robbie have said that brought such a look of surprise to Gabrielle's face? He just finished telling them about all of the fantastic changes on Kidd Video next season, which will include a "face-lift" for all four characters-- Kid, Whiz, Carla and Ash.

Looks like it's time for some more business. As Gabrielle and Robbie continue their conversation in the living room, Steve joins Bryan in the den where they'll tackle a couple of phone interviews and other such matters. Perhaps they'll even call a fan or two who might have written the group a really nice letter!

Gabrielle thinks it's time to cool off a bit and everyone couldn't agree more. Join her and Kidd Video for some of that delicious watermelon-- if she can find the rest of Kidd Video, that is!

By the looks of it, it seems as though Steve and Robbie are also looking for a way to cool off, so what could be better than sitting in a nice cool bathtub?! Bryan, however, gets there a little too late to join his three zany buddies!

Everyone is exhausted from the day's fun 'n' games, and just like you, Gabrielle, Bryan, Steve and Robbie like to relax by reading their favorite magazine -- 16, of course! But your day with Kidd Video isn't over yet!

Join the Kidd Video game in the next issue of 16, as they take you on some outdoors fun! That's the November issue, on sale Sept. 17th!