Kidd Video Flipside

The following is another article from the December 1985 issue of 16 magazine.

Kidd Video - Youth Ambassadors for UNICEF Day '85

This Halloween, Kidd Video's (l. to r.) Bryan, Steve, Robbie and Gabi will serve as UNICEF's youth ambassadors.

The stars of NBC-TV's Kidd Video program -- Bryan Scott, Robbie Rist, Gabrielle Bennett-Rozzi and Steve Alterman -- have gone way beyond the call of duty. Although their main purpose is to entertain ther audience via a combination of live/cartoon fun, Kidd Video are the creators of yet another benefit to aid Africa, for which UNICEF is the exclusive beneficiary.

That project as you know, is called Kidds For Kids In Africa and it involved not only Steve, Gabi, Robbie and Bryan, but nearly 70 other teen celebrities as well. The fund-raiser yielded a single and video for "Love's Gonna Find A Way," both of which were released in conjunction with the U.S. Committee for UNICEF and Kidds For Kids In Africa.

Because of their involvement in this project, Kidd Video has been named Youth Ambassadors for UNICEF Day '85, which is October 31st. For 35 years, it's become an American tradition for children and their families to join in one of the largest and longest-running volunteer programs on Halloween. Since it's inception in 1950, this tradition has raised over $80 million!

This Halloween,Kidd Video will be leading millions of youth volunteers in trick or treating for UNICEF, showing everyone that they too, care about the needy children around the world and are doing their bit to help.