Kidd Video Flipside

Kidd Video Merchandise

Although Kidd Video was only on TV for a short time, a small amount of merchandise was produced - particularly in Israel, where the band actually went on tour.

Kidd Video Album (Israel)

An album was released on vinyl and cassette in Israel in 1986 on the CBS Records label. The front cover of the album has a big color picture of the band, and the back has a cartoon picture of the band in the Flipside. This album was never released in the United States.

Kidd Video Album front
Kidd Video Album back

Side One:
Video To Radio | Where Did Our Love Go? | It's Over When the Phone Stops Ringing | A Little TLC | We Should Be Together | Come Back To Me

Side Two:
You Better Run | Video Romeo | Time | Turn Me Up | Easy Love

Kidd Video Story and Songs Cassette

Kidd Video Story and Songs Cassette (Israel)

There was also a 1986 children's cassette-only release by Israeli CBS Talit Productions (TAL 3005). It is not the album; instead it is an audio story on tape with the characters' dialogue in Hebrew. There is a version of "You Better Run" and a few other songs, but they are sung in Hebrew with the original track music.

(Thanks to Lou for this information!)

You might want to be aware of this if looking for Kidd Video cassettes on eBay - it seems that the album cassette is yellow, and this children's story and songs cassette is pink.

Home Video Releases (USA)

Golden Book Video released six commercial videotapes. These are the original cut as they aired on NBC, minus the popular music video. These tapes are sometimes available through flea markets and online auctions.

  • The Pink Sphinx, with music videos for "Turn Me Up" and "Time"
  • Music Sports
  • The Master Zapper, with the music video for "Video Romeo"
  • Adventures from the Flipside, including three episodes: "Woofers & Tweeters," "Cienega," and "The Stone," and the music videos for "Come Back to Me," "Video Romeo," and "Easy Love"
  • The Teen Beat (Golden Book VHS #8022, 1988), including three episodes: Episodes "Double Trouble," "Master Blaster Brat," and "Pirates and Puzzles."
  • Euphonius the Melodious Dragon
VHS Covers

We've never located a copy of the VHS release of Euphonius the Melodious Dragon, so if you know where to find one, please contact us.

Candy Bars and Yogurt (Israel)

In Israel, candy bars and yogurt cups were sold with pictures of Kidd Video on the labels.

Kidd Video Candy Bar
Kidd Video Yogurt

Steve Alterman also mentioned that Kidd Video bed sheets were sold there.

Kidd Video Radio (USA)

This portable AM radio turned up for sale a few years ago. It is by Helm Toy and the back says it was made by Character Builders, Woodland Hills, CA.

Kidd Video Radio

Kidd Video Card Game (Israel)

A Kidd Video card game was also sold in Israel. Thanks to Yariv for the information and pictures.

Kidd Video Cards box
Box front and back

Kidd Video cards