Kidd Video Flipside

The following is an article from the November 1985 issue of 16 magazine.

Kidd Video At Home - Part II!

Last Month, You Saw This Saturday Morning Gang Inside Bryan's Home. Now Come Along and Have Some Outdoors Fun!

"Welcome back," said Bryan Scott (opening gate) to his pals (l. to r.) Gabrielle Bennett-Rozzi, Robbie Rist and Steve Alterman. "Get ready for a fun-filled day in the sun!"

First, the boys joined Gabrielle at Bryan's pool to check out all the news on their favorite stars -- including Matthew Broderick, who's Gabrielle's favorite! -- and where else could they get the latest and hottest gossip but in 16 magazine?!

Barbecue, anyone? Robbie and Steve just couldn't resist a little friendly " fight" as they got lunch started on Bryan's outdoor grill. Check out the magnificent scenery in the background!

As Steve and Robbie got a real work-out, Bryan decided to wait for lunch in a more relaxing way. Reading happens to be one of his favorite pastimes, so you'll often catch him with a good book of fiction or current magazine on hand. Writing also occupies a lot of his spare time. "If I don't write (at least once a day), "I'm not myself," he says.

Oops, you caught Gabrielle off-guard as she took in the breathtaking view. But Gabi, as she's sometimes called, is always ready with a quick smile for any situation. Something else she has to smile about is finishing as the first runner-up in the recent Miss Hollywood Talent competition!

Back together again. All four performers are really close friends, both on the Kidd Video set and off, but during their breaks from the show, they've each been pursuing a number of other interests. Gabi's been involved in Hollywood's Cover Girls, a softball team that raises funds for a number of charities; Bryan's been writing non-stop (he has at least one song on the upcoming Kidd Video LP); and Steve and Robbie both have a five-piece band together tentatively called the Intentions. Robbie's also completed a movie.

If you're familiar with Kidd Video then you knew it wouldn't be long before the foursome headed out in search of an adventure! With their spunk and determination you also know they'll definitely find it, too!

Well, looks like it's time to say goodbye, but don't fret 'cause Kidd Video will be back again soon, in a series of exclusive 16 interviews! Stay tuned!

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