Kidd Video Flipside

Grooveyard City


Poor Glitter has a cold. Thanks to one of her super sneezes, the Kiddmobile loses control and goes off the road. It crashes just down the road from Grooveyard City... which is haunted by ghosts! When the kids get out to fix the problem, Master Blaster yanks the Kiddmobile up with a giant magnet and sticks it in the middle of Grooveyard City. Carla convinces Ash, Kidd and Glitter to go with her to recover the Kiddmobile, while Whiz stays behind (chicken!).

They find that the ghosts have stolen the energy of the town's original inhabitants... the citizens of Groovy City. Anyone touched by a ghost turns green and becomes very weak. The ghosts trap Carla and touch her, and corner Kidd and Ash. Kidd sends Glitter to get Whiz to help them.

The Copy Cats chase Whiz into the city, where he invents a vacuum car to suck up all of the ghosts. Carla and all the residents of Grooveyard City are freed from the spell, and Groovy City is restored! The Copy Cats think that stealing Whiz's vacuum cleaner bag will fix the KV kids... but they just end up releasing all the ghosts into Master Blaster's fortress.

Music video clip: unknown
Additional Top 40 music: "Ghostbusters" (Ray Parker Jr.); "The Reflex" (Duran Duran)*
Ending video: "Come Back To Me"

*This song must have originally appeared where the ghosts do a dance for Whiz, because he replies "It leaves me with a big question mark too!"