Kidd Video Flipside

No Place Like Home


For mobile devices: If autoplay does not work, here is the other part of this episode: Part 2

Master Blaster once again has a plan to get rid of Kidd Video. The Copy Cats help him lure the kids to a place called Homeward... a town that looks just like the real world, except no one ever comes back alive! The kids make the dangerous journey through the Cobalt Mountains to find a place where they will feel more like home. The group gets split up in the mountain tunnels. Kidd and Whiz discover that Homeward already has a permanent resident... a teddy bear as tall as a skyscraper! They escape the bear and meet up with Carla and Ash.

Music video clip: Nu Shooz, "Point of No Return"
Additional Top 40 music: "The Heat Is On" (Glenn Frey); "Teddy Bear"
Ending video: "It's Over When the Phone Stops Ringing"