Kidd Video Flipside

A Friend in Need

EPISODE 24 | Watch on YouTube

Whiz builds a device that can help the band go back to earth. There are four suns in the sky... once they all set, the gang can escape through a portal to Earth. Each person goes off to do their own thing before they leave. Carla decides to take a final jog around the Flipside.

Kool Kitty finds out about Kidd Video's plans and tells Master Blaster the bad news. Master Blaster orders the Cats to stop Kidd Video. Meanwhile, Carla gets lost in the woods, until she meets a Flipsider who needs to get to the other side of the land. Carla helps her new friend get home, who then helps Carla find her way back to the guys.

One by one the suns go down and Kidd Video is worried Carla won't make it in time. She gets back to her friends and they blast off before the last sun goes down. They miss the portal (even with Ash and Whiz yelling at Kidd to "Go faster!"). Carla feels bad about missing this chance to go home, but the guys tell her that they're not mad, just worried...and they still love her no matter what.

Music video clip: "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" (Wang Chung)
Additional Top 40 music: "Every Time You Go Away" (Paul Young); "Lay Your Hands On Me" (Thompson Twins)