Kidd Video Flipside

Narra Takes a Powder

EPISODE 20 | Watch on YouTube

Another concert for Kidd Video... They travel to Freezer Valley, a cold frozen food land. Narra, Glitter's cousin, is an ice sprite who creates all of the snow in Freezer Valley by whistling.

Meanwhile, Master Blaster has the Copy Cats clean out his storage room so he can make room for new inventions. In the process, they find an invention MB actually wants...a song scrambling powder that turns music into idiotic noise. He sends the Cats to find Kidd Video and dump the powder on them.

When they find them, they throw it on Whiz and some of it hits Narra. When she tries to whistle for the evening snow, nothing happens. Without the snow, Zorac the "hairdryer" monster will be set free from his glacier prison. While Whiz and Carla work on a snow making machine to keep Zorac frozen, Kidd and Ash go to the Fortress to find an antidote for the powder. Zorac escapes and starts blowing hot air all over the place...and melting the snow Whiz and Carla makes. Glitter stops the monster by turning off his switch. Whiz freezes him.

After escaping the Master Blaster, Kidd and Ash bring back the antidote...a small whale with wings inside a jar. When they open it up, it makes a sound that cures Whiz and Narra. Narra whistles for snow again...

Meanwhile, Kidd discovers that Whiz's machine did not make snow, but vanilla ice cream. Whiz eats it on the way out of Freezer Valley, saying "There's no such thing as enough ice cream!"

"Time to make out your will, Kidd Video. If you'd care to donate your record collection, I'd be happy to accept it." -- The Master Blaster (as a lawyer) when he has Kidd and Ash in his clutches

Music video clip: "All I Need is a Miracle" (Mike & the Mechanics)
Additional Top 40 music: "Sussudio" (Phil Collins); "Beat It" (Michael Jackson)
Ending video: "Turn Me Up"