Kidd Video Flipside

Professor Maestro


The Master Blaster figures out that Ash's Groove Machine is the reason why he is always foiled by Kidd Video, and sends the Copy Cats to steal it. Meanwhile, Glitter takes the band to Professor Maestro, a crazy genius that can help the gang get home. To reach the professor, the kids have to find their way through the professor's lab, and make it through a weird life-size video game.

The professor is trapped behind a giant vault door; Whiz erases some equations on a blackboard and makes Glitter sneeze so she can open the door. When they get into his lab, the kids find that the professor is stuck in a video game. The kids figure out how 'print out' the professor so that he can escape.

Professor Maestro needs Ash's Groove Machine to activate his Flipside Dimensional Reverser, which will send the kids home. Just then, the Copy Cats make off with the Groove Machine!

The gang has to defeat a giant pinball machine, with Whiz acting as the pinball, to find out where the Copy Cats have gone with the Groove Machine. They chase the Copy Cats through a giant maze, while running away from rockabilly werewolves. When the band finally gets the Groove Machine back, Professor Maestro needs the equations on the blackboard that Whiz erased... no going home today!

Music video clip: "We Belong" (Pat Benatar)
Ending video: "You Better Run," "Easy Love"