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Robbie Rist

Robbie Rist
Robbie Rist

Whiz is played by Robbie Rist. Robbie sings and plays guitars and keyboards in the videos, and did actually sing and play guitar on the Kidd Video songs. He is featured as a vocalist on "Come Back To Me," "Video Romeo" and other songs. He also provided the voice of Whiz in the cartoons.

Before Kidd Video

Robbie was born April 4, 1964. To TV fans he is best known from his childhood, when he played Cousin Oliver on six episodes of The Brady Bunch. He had a regular role in two other shows before Kidd Video: he played Little John Martin on Big John, Little John (1976), and had a recurring role as David Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1976). He also appeared in a number of television movies and specials, including several Weekend and Afterschool Specials.

Robbie also made guest appearances on a number of TV shows throughout the 1970s and 80s, including The Bionic Woman, CHiPs, Trapper John M.D., Simon and Simon, Knight Rider and more. See a more complete list of Robbie's television appearances, along with a few pictures, here.

After Kidd Video

After Kidd Video, Robbie made a few more appearances on TV series, but he began to work more as a voice actor. He provided the voice of Michaelangelo in all three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. He was also the voice of Star in "Balto" (1995). He also appeared as Bob in "Unseen" (1999).

Where's Robbie?

Robbie is still in the L.A. area. He is a renaissance man who works as a musician, voice actor, on-camera actor, and now on the web. Robbie's work as a musician is even more prolific than his past television appearances, and he has performed with dozens of west coast bands. He has also filled in as a touring member or guest for numerous groups.

Current bands:


Robbie also produced the movie Stump the Band, and wrote songs and the score for the movie.

He was interviewed on VH1's "Where Are They Now?: Kid Stars" in 2005.

You can read an interview with Robbie on the Kidd Video Italian fan website. Or, check out Robbie Rist's official website.

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