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This page can never be complete... Robbie Rist is a busy man.

General Info and Interviews

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"Don't watch TV; it's bad for you." - Robbie Rist

TV Series, Movies, and Specials

Title Date Character
ABC Afterschool Special: "Alexander" (TV Special) 1973  
The Brady Bunch (TV Series) 2/8/74 - 3/8/74 Cousin Oliver
He Is My Brother (Movie) 1974 Randy Remington
Lucas Tanner (TV Series) 1974 Glendon Farrell
The Paul Lynde Comedy Hour (TV Special) 1975  
The Rowan and Martin Report (TV Pilot) 1975  
Big John, Little John (TV Series) 9/11/76 - 9/3/77 Little John Martin
Poppi 1976  
Having Babies II (TV Movie) 10/28/77 Danny Magee
Instant Family (TV Pilot) 1977  
ABC Short Story Special: "My Dear Uncle Sherlock" (TV Special) 1977 Joey Trimble
ABC Weekend Special: "Little Lulu" (TV Special) 11/4/78 Iggie
Sam (TV Series) 1978  
Hallmark Hall of Fame: "Aunt Mary" (TV Movie) 12/5/79 Vernon
Gossip (TV Pilot) 1979  
ABC Afterschool Special: "The Seven Wishes of a Rich Kid" (TV Special) 1979 Calvin Brundage
Conquest of the Earth (TV Movie) 1980  
Galactica 1980 (TV Series) 1980 Dr. Zee
ABC Weekend Special: "The Big Hex of Little Lulu" (TV Special) 1/16/81 Iggie
Through the Magic Pyramid (TV Movie) 12/6/81 Bonkers
Kidd Video (TV Series) 1984 Whiz
Iron Eagle (Movie) 1986 Milo
Dirty Laundry (Movie) 1987 Oscar
She's Out of Control (Movie) 4/1/89 Corvette Kid's Friend
The Last to Go (TV Movie) 1/21/91  
Unseen (Movie) 1999 Bob
Stump the Band* (Movie) 2006 Fry Cook*

*Robbie also produced this movie and wrote songs and score.

TV Guest Appearances

Show Title Episode Title Date Character
Petrocelli "Five Yards of Trouble" 9/24/1975    
Medical Center "No Hiding Place" 1975  
Bronk ? 1975  
Grady ? 1975  
The Bionic Woman "Angel of Mercy" 1/28/1976  
The Bionic Woman "Claws" 2/25/1976  
The Mary Tyler Moore Show "Ted and the Kid" 3/6/1976 David Baxter
The Mary Tyler Moore Show "My Son, the Genius" 11/6/1976 David Baxter
What's Happening!! "The Burger Queen" 1976 John Stevens
The Mary Tyler Moore Show "The Last Show" 3/19/1977 David Baxter
Code R ? 1977  
CHiPs "Cry Wolf!" 2/16/1978 Jeff
Lucan "The Pariah" 3/27/1978  
CHiPs "Neighborhood Watch" 10/14/1978 Brian
CHiPs "The Greatest Adventures of CHiPs" 5/12/1979  
Trapper John, M.D. "The Surrogate" 1979  
Magnum P.I. 1980  
Simon & Simon "Trapdoors" 12/8/1981 Terry McDaniels
CHiPs "This Year's Riot" 11/28/1982 Russell
Whiz Kids "A Chip Off the Old Block" 11/9/1983  
One Day at a Time 1984  
Knight Rider "Sky Knight" 10/18/1985 Nick
Shadow Chasers "How Green Was My Murder" 1985 Corky Weatherly
The Wizard "Trouble In the Stars" 12/30/1986  
Revenge of the Nerds TV Pilot - clip 1991 Booger

Voice Roles

Robbie has concentrated on voice work since the late 1980s. Here are some of his voice roles.

Title   Date Character
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie 3/30/1990 Michaelangelo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze Movie 3/1/1991 Michaelangelo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Movie 3/19/1993 Michaelangelo
Batman: The Animated Series TV episode "Baby-Doll" 10/1/1994 Brian Daly
Balto Movie 12/22/1995 Star
Extreme Ghostbusters TV episode "Rage" 12/1/1997  
Zatch Bell! TV series (2 episodes) 2005 Eido
Naruto (English version) TV series 2002-2007 Choji Akimichi

Music and Bands

"The list of west coast pop bands Rist has performed with numbers in the hundreds." - Wikipedia

Current bands:


Former (?) Bands


Cast and Voices


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