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Whiz in Season 1

Whiz plays guitar and keyboards and sings many of the lead vocals. He is also the classic toon "smart guy" -- he can make anything out of... well, anything! He makes a lot of contraptions to get the gang out of trouble. He also made Toolbot.

Whiz has blond hair and wears round glasses. In the Flipside he wears an orange-brown blazer and pants and a green shirt. In the second season, Whiz changes the most in appearance of any of the characters. He becomes slimmer and shorter and also looks a little younger than everyone else. Robbie Rist once said that it was because he lost weight then. Whiz also gets his sidekick, Toolbot, in the second season.


Whiz can sometimes seem a little selfish or short tempered. In "The Pink Sphinx," he gets upset because he feels that everyone else is just having fun and they're not trying hard enough to find a way home. In "Music Sports," he gets angry that the Copy Cats are winning by cheating and he keeps suggesting that the kids should cheat too to catch up. In the end though, Whiz always sticks by his friends and often gets them out of jams with his ingenuity.

Quotable Whiz

"Whatever you say, your most Supreme Stupidity." -- to Master Blaster when the chameleon machine changes him into Fat Cat

"You'd think you heard music if you were in a soundbooth at the bottom of the ocean!" -- to Ash right before he's about to create lyrics

Whiz is portrayed by Robbie Rist.


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