Kidd Video Flipside


Carla in Season 1

The only girl in the group, Carla is the drummer of Kidd Video. She is Hispanic. She seems to be kind of a party girl; it seems like she's always looking to have fun while they're in the Flipside. In at least two episodes we learn that she also likes jogging. Carla also seems to have a close friendship with Glitter.

Carla has black hair and brown eyes. In the Flipside she wears a pink minidress with one side off the shoulder and a red belt, and matching pink mini boots. In the second season, Carla's appearance changes drastically to look more like the "real life" Carla, but she is also drawn with more makeup (she has glossy red lipstick).

Carla in Season 2

It would be wrong to dismiss Carla as the token female and token multicultural character, because she adds so much to the group of main characters. Without her as the voice of reason, the boys would be a lot worse off, and she also keeps Kidd from taking himself too seriously. Even though Kidd has had to save her from some perilous situations, overall she is a strong female character who sticks up for her friends and expresses her own opinions.

Quotable Carla

"Great Ash! Great lyrics!" --after Ash gets information out of Euphonius

"You ought to like them, Kidd. Most of the girls you date are a little fishy anyway!" -- to Kidd when they find out there are mermaids in Lotus Land

Carla is portrayed by Gabriele Rozzii.


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