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The Master Blaster

The Master Blaster
The Master Blaster

Master Blaster was the one who brought Kidd Video to the Flipside in the first place, intending the to be his 'musical slaves'. Unfortunately for him, Kidd Video escaped the moment they arrived, and have been foiling his plans ever since! After Kidd Video escaped, Master Blaster apparently kept capturing other bands from the real world and imprisoning them in the Flipside (thus the music video segment in each show).

Master Blaster seems to be a record company executive transformed into a supervillain. He wears a nice three-piece suit with a flower in the lapel and rides around in a souped-up office chair that can also fly.

His intentions vary from episode to episode. Sometimes he wants to rule the whole Flipside; sometimes he wants to control its music; sometimes he wants to recapture Kidd Video; sometimes he is just looking for riches. Maybe he would have been more successful if he had clearer goals!

Master Blaster lives in a huge floating Fortress that looks like a jukebox; it can fly anywhere in the Flipside. Inside the Fortress are many dark, snaking corridors and weird gargoyle-like decorations. It's equipped with video screens that show what's happening all over the Flipside, and an alarm system that features a talking skull that pops out like a jack-in-the-box. MB and the Copy Cats get down to the ground via an elevator that descends from the underside of the Fortress. Master Blaster also has a pet, Tin Snake, and a variety of weird devices that help him in his evil plans.

Master Blaster has two relatives that are shown in the episode "Double Trouble": his mother, who is just as evil as he, and his identical twin brother Laster Blaster, who is a good guy and is Treasurer for the town of South Plumbington.

The Master Blaster's voice is provided by Peter Renaday.


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