Kidd Video Flipside


Glitter from Season 1

Glitter is a tiny fairy that meets the gang the minute they arrive in the Flipside. She saves them from the Master Blaster's imprisonment and immediately becomes their sidekick. For some reason, when Glitter sneezes she gains super-strength, but only for a moment. It was probably the only way the writers could think of to get the kids out of jams.

Glitter wears a pink cutoff shirt, pink leg warmers and a pink headband that make her look a little like Olivia Newton-John from "Let's Get Physical." In the second season of the show her hair is a little longer and her face more pixieish.

Glitter from Geason 2

I have only one question about Glitter... what did she do before the kids were taken to the Flipside? Doesn't she have a job or something?

The voice of Glitter is provided by Cathy Cavadini.


Cast and Voices


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