Kidd Video Flipside


Ash Season 1
Ash in Season 1
Ash plays keyboards for Kidd Video (in the cartoon; in the videos he also plays bass and saxophone). He is best known for always coming up with terrible song lyrics to describe the situation. Ash seems to be the biggest music lover, even though his improvised "lyrics" are pretty awful. Ash is also known for being a little cowardly; he can be timid in dangerous situations and needs the support of his friends to keep going.

Ash is the keeper of the Groove Machine, a white instrument with multicolored keys that seems to work like a keyboard/drum machine. The Groove Machine has come in handy in many of the gang's situations; its sound calms mermaids, dragons, and others they meet along the way. It also was almost their ticket home in "Professor Maestro."

Ash in Season 2
Ash as he appeared in Season 2
Ash has curly brown hair and brown eyes. In the Flipside he wears baggy pants with suspenders, a purple shirt with a matching "skinny" tie, and black Chuck Taylors. Ash's appearance changes in the second season of the show, and his face looks a little more like the "real life" Ash.

Quotable Ash

"I can't help it if I like guitars!" -- after he gets zapped by the Nightmare Machine

"Being a king sure puts time on my hands...and all around me are all of my fans." -- just one example of Ash's lyrics

Ash is portrayed by Steve Alterman.


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