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Bryan Scott

Kidd is played by Bryan Scott [IMDB]. Bryan sings and plays guitars and keyboards in the videos, and did actually sing and play guitar on the Kidd Video songs. He is featured as lead vocalist on "Time," "Easy Love" and other songs. He also provided the voice of Kidd in the cartoons.

Please Stand By
Bryan at age 12 in "Please Stand By"

Before Kidd Video

Bryan was born December 15, 1965. His first acting role was as Eric Barnett in the 1972 TV movie "Playmates". In 1977 he appeared as Corey Marshall in an episode of CHiPs entitled "Dynamite Alley." He played Dickie in the 1978 movie "September 30, 1955." He also appeared in the series "Please Stand By" (1978) and the made-for-TV movie "The Gift" (1979). He appeared in cartoons as well, providing voices for Petey the Puppy in The Puppy's Great Adventure and The Puppy's Amazing Rescue, and Billy Drew on Spider-Woman, a one-season ABC cartoon.

After Kidd Video

After Kidd Video, Bryan made one other known onscreen appearance as a party guest in the movie "Some Kind of Wonderful" (1987). Other than that, Bryan has continued to work behind the scenes on movies as a voice actor and as part of sound post-production. His film credits include providing voices for "D.O.A." (1988), "Men at Work" (1990), "Motorama" (1992), "Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel" (1992), "Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III" (1994), "Dead Presidents" (1995), "The Proposition" (1998), and "Club Dread" (2004).

Where's Bryan?

Bryan is maintaining a private life, but we have heard that he is living in California and has a young son.

He did make one recent television appearance that we know of. In March 2004, he was interviewed on "Janet Jackson: Driven" as a former schoolmate of Janet Jackson. During this interview he was credited as Bryan Mancini.

Bryan Mancini

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