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Gabriele Rozzi

Gabriele Rozzi as CarlaGabriele Rozzi as Carla

Carla is played by Gabriele Bennett [IMDB], credited in the second season as Gabriele Bennett-Rozzi. Gabriele sings and plays drums in the videos, and did actually sing on the Kidd Video songs. She is featured as lead vocalist on "Turn Me Up" and "It's Over When the Phone Stops Ringing." She also provides the voice of Carla in the cartoons.

Before Kidd Video

Gabriele was born June 16, 1962. There are no known credits for her from before the show. One article of the time mentions that she was "first runner-up in the recent Miss Hollywood Talent competition" [1985].

Where's Gabriele?

Gabriele is now a teacher, dance instructor, entertainer, and the mother of three sons. For a time she lived in Virginia Beach, VA, and appeared in community theatre productions there. In 2011 she relocated to Germany.

Here is a recent video of Gabriele singing together with her former Kidd Video cast member Robbie Rist!


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