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Kidd Video MembersKidd Video is a half-hour television series that ran Saturdays on NBC between 1984 and 1986. It was produced by DiC Productions in association with Saban Productions. The series was about a California teen music band called Kidd Video. The band consists of Kidd, Carla, Whiz, and Ash.

One day, they meet at H&S Storage (where they keep some of their equipment). Kidd removes a plastic covering from a nearby mirror and the band starts to practice. Suddenly, an image appears in the mirror. It's a cartoon man called the Master Blaster. By pressing a button on his chair, he takes the band to a world of Rock & Roll... another dimension known as the Flipside. The band turns into cartoons... and the Master Blaster wants the band to be his musical slaves forever! However, the kids are rescued by a fairy named Glitter. In the series, the band explores the Flipside in hopes that they will find a way back to our world... and also avoids the Master Blaster of Bad Vibes and his cronies, the Copy Cats.

Characters and Cast
Find out more about Whiz, Carla, Ash and Kidd, and the people who portrayed them, as well as the rest of the cartoon's voice cast.

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The first Kidd Video website was founded by Teresita on Prodigy in 1999. It moved to its current home at on August 24, 2000. We're celebrating 10 years of Kidd Video on the web, as well as the 25th anniversary of the show itself (which premiered on September 15, 1984.)


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Where can I get Kidd Video on DVD?

Kidd Video is not currently commercially available on DVD. Disney now owns the Saban library. If you would like to see Kidd Video released, please contact Disney DVD & Video.